Church and Asylum Procedure

Preparing a conversion based asylum claim »

Has an asylum seeker in the church become a Christian and is he preparing himself for a (new) conversion based asylum claim? Gave‘s legal support team gives advice how you can support his preparations.

Support by Gave for asylum claims of Christians »

Is there an asylum seeker in the church whose conversion is not believed by IND? Or does IND believe that he can safely return to his home country? Gave’s legal support team can help with the procedure.

Support for victims of harassment »

Christian refugees face the risk of harassment, even in the Netherlands.  Together with SDOK and Open Doors, Gave runs a multilingual report platform to monitor the situation and to support victims.

Other legal support by Gave »

We are happy to help you with various questions concerning asylum applications of people you know. Please note that we can give advice, but we are not able to look into case files on all sorts of issues.

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