Advice for churches

People who have converted from Islam or another religion to the Christian faith can be faced with serious religious persecution in their country of origin. This can be a reason for a conversion based asylum claim.

The church can fulfil a positive role in supporting such an asylum claim:

  • A careful baptism policy helps the Immigration Office gaining confidence in Churches.
  • The church can support a conversion based asylum claim by a statement. Please note that the statement must be substantively strong. Merely saying that the church is convinced of the conversion will not convince the IND. A statement will gain value when you describe the fruits of faith that you observe.
  • When a new asylum application is being prepared, please take ample time to do so.
  • Vluchtelingenpastoraat Nijmegen (‘Refugee Ministry Nijmegen’) has developed a so called ‘buddy plan’ that can help a convert preparing his a new asylum application.

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