What is the library?

Gave is happy to support you re asylum claims of Christians. We have information and advice for churches and for lawyers and other legal assistance. This is available in our online library (‘bibliotheek’ in Dutch).

In order to get access to the library we ask you to register for a free account. We want to know some details of our users that we use to improve our services. We also use this information to give you the appropriate access rights as churches and lawyers need different kind of information.

In the library you can use the filter options for a search request. You can choose a category or a subject (‘trefwoord’ in Dutch) also.

For churches

There is advice for the support of asylum claims of church members, especially when conversion is a motive.

For layers and other legal assistance

There are elaborate reports and jurisprudence that can be used in the administrative and legal procedures, both re the credibility of conversion and the risk of religious persecution in various countries of origin. (NB: most is in Dutch)


Finally there is the category ‘international’, especially for our international network. Lawyers and other legal assistance have access to these items also.

Go to the Library Register for free account
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