Other legal support by Gave

Gave has expertise re asylum claims of Christians who fear for religious persecution on return to their home country. However, we are happy to help you with all questions concerning asylum applications and other legal issues that are relevant for refugees you know.

Asylum procedures in general

We are not able to investigate individual cases you might bring to our attention, but we may be able to help you understanding the procedures. We may also refer you to other organisations like VluchtelingenWerk that can help with more specific advice for the particular case. We can also advise you concerning related issues like family reunion or concerning the reception of asylum seekers.

Advice for undocumented refugees

If somebody’s asylum claim has been rejected, you may wonder what you can do. Gave is happy to give advice and discuss possibilities with you. See also the website Basic Rights. Please note that we are not able to provide or find shelter in case that would be needed.

Online support and contact

We have general advice pages in Dutch.
You can also contact us by e-mail or by ‘phone (Mo,Tu,Thu,Fri 10.30am-noon)
e-mailaddress and ‘phone number: see below.

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