Bezoek Speciale Rapporteur Godsdienstvrijheid van de VN

Eind maart bracht de heer Achmed Shaheed, Speciale Rapporteur voor de godsdienstvrijheid van de VN, een bezoek aan Nederland. Gave sprak met hem over de situatie van minderheidsgroepen in azc’s en de wijze waarop de IND de geloofwaardigheid van bekering beoordeelt.

In zijn voorlopige rapport schrijft hij onder meer:

Refugee & Asylum issues

“A number of concerns were raised during my visit regarding proscriptions on the manifestation of religious beliefs in asylum centres. The Central Body for Accommodating Asylum Seekers’ reportedly ban religious practice in the communal areas of these centres to “avoid inflaming tensions among different religious groups housed together in an already sensitive environment”. Some individuals reported that several Centres interpret these restrictions as being applicable to the private rooms of residents also.  Further concerns about the lack of ‘religious literacy’ and awareness about dynamics between asylum seekers of different beliefs, including non-religious beliefs, or gender/sexuality identity were also raised during my visit. There appears to be no clear understanding or policy on preventing issues between asylum seekers that are perhaps from the same country but have different beliefs when they are housed in the same space.

“These issues highlight more prevalent issues unfolding in Dutch society as newer communities of individuals whose beliefs call for frequent public manifestations of the values, rites, and rituals on which their faiths are based, increasingly settle in the Netherlands.  Integration requirements necessitate all immigrants to sign a ‘statement of civil integration’, complete a ‘Dutch integration course’, and pass an ‘integration examination’. While these may be positive measures, some individuals reflected on anxieties about feelings of unacceptance, regardless of efforts to integrate, in a society that makes them feel that they can never quite be included.”

Lees ook het eindrapport.

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