Assessment of asylum claims of Christian refugees

Gave supports Dutch Churches and Christians in their outreach to refugees. Gave also campaigns on behalf of Christian refugees in the Netherlands and co-operates in international networks for the promotion of a fair asessment of asylum claims of Christian refugees.

Gave supports Dutch asylum lawyers re cases of Christian converts who risk religious persecution in their home country. Gave also communicates with the Dutch Immigration Authority concerning the assessment of the sincerity of conversion. Gave is committed to a just assessment in order to protect sincere Christians and to recognize insincere ‘conversions of convenience’ also.

Other issues of concern are the country reports that quite often underestimate the seriousness of religious persecution in countries like Pakistan, Egypt, China and Nigeria.

In the Netherlands we have witnessed a positive move on these issues since 2012. Of course, similar issues are raised in other countries. At Gave we are happy to share our experience with international partners in co-operation with the European Evangelical Alliance.

Various documents are available in English in our online library (‘bibliotheek’ in Dutch).

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