Support by Gave for asylum claims of Christians

Gave is committed to a fair assessment of asylum claims of Christians who fear for religious persecution.

  • Gave gives advice for a (new) asylum application.
  • Gave writes expert reports that lawyers can use in the asylum procedure.
  • Gave has information about the situation concerning the safety of Christians in various countries. You can advise the lawyer about this.
  • Gave is in dialogue with the government on behalf of Christian asylum seekers.

Do you seek advice about  a case
or do you require an expert report?

Please complete the application form (in Dutch) below. In return, you will receive an automatic response with initial advice and directions for the submission of the documents we will need. This is especially relevant if

  1. there is a VOORNEMEN (i.e intention) to reject the asylum claim, when the lawyer has 4 weeks tome to send in his response.
  2. when an APPEAL has been lodged with the court and there is still ample time for the submission of process documents.

Your lawyer and VluchtelingenWerk can advise you whether or not this is the case and what is the deadline for submitting process documents (such as an expert report). You will greatly help our planning if you can indicate this in the form below.

Please take into account a waiting time of one to two months, although we try to meet the deadlines for the court as much as possible.

Please mind the following also:

  • Please always advise us aforehand of an (intended) second or subsequent asylum request so that we can anticipate on it in our palnning.
  • It is not possible to submit a report of Gave in the higher appeal at the Raad van State. A report should have been submitted in the primary appeal at court.
  • It is not possible to make an appointment for an interview with us re somebodies faith, in spite of a possible advice by the lawyer. Only when we decide that such an interview is warranted we will invite people ourselves.

Terms and Conditions, Research fees

On the right hand side, you can download Terms and Conditions and the Research fees regarding our service (in Dutch only).

Confidentiality and Privacy

The information submitted trough this form will be treated confidentially. Personal data we receive through this form will be used solely for the registration of this notification and for contacting you regarding this notification if needed.

See also our privacystatement (in Dutch)

To the form (in Dutch)
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